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This article may be disagreeable, and if you’re looking for fun, feel free to close the tab.

Now, as I have been provided with space, I will assume that I deserve it, and by deserve it means, for me, a pleasure of having and doing something about this space. I will not write about tips or how-to’s of whatever because I admit that I am not an expert on anything, and will absolutely not enumerate things about the normal facts on people being people, just to serve and tolerate teenage girls’ immaturity by trusting the web to tell them if their boyfriends (to which they are still immature to commit) are cheating. I will not write about travels either, because I admit I’m broke. I don’t have a bank account, and don’t even wait for any signed checks, I will just be frustrated because of the maintenance. The only thing I could share to you are my thoughts and, as many don’t accept opinions in general, my comments about certain things that may be disagreeable to you. Well, agree to disagree. This, I can assure you with the maintenance as long as the network providers are enlightened.


Allow me to tell you something.

She is now the center of attraction even in a country where “the center” is crowded. She is now considered a heroine of the female species. Everybody who loves her began to say her words, demands what she demands – gender equality. She proclaimed herself a feminist. The world was amazed when she spoke while wearing a white Dior dress. Everybody listened because it’s a Harry Potter girl speaking. But some questioned her presence in the UN Summit. But her followers are billions in number stretching to a Filipino country. And so everybody claimed they are feminists. They demand feminism in the country called the Pearl of the Orient. This is kind of odd since the Filipino country is one of the friendliest to women.

The yellow queen


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The country had let a yellow queen save its people. The people loved her and joined her face the dragons ridden by cold-faced warriors under the spell of the wicked king. She was granted power by the people. They trusted her to take the lead. They did not see her less than a person just because she is a she.

The beauty queen

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The country has been proud of her and her countrymen adored her. She was allowed to show herself and tell the world what it’s like being one in her species. She was allowed to stroll the streets waving her hand and balancing the crown at the same time. Her face was allowed on billboards and her skin was allowed on primetime screens. The masses call her a beauty.

I’m not talking in behalf of feminism in the country because I still cannot understand it really. I cannot even call myself a feminist though I’ve mentioned the word several times above. I do not even know if telling you this is considered “feminism” of whatever wave. What I know is that I am grateful to be in a country where being a woman is not a sin.

And they:

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can tell it, too.